Sex Robots With AI!

Boys and girls! Soon we are going to reach the point where no more babies are made. People will just sit at home with their sex dolls and see no need to date a human anymore.

The below video paints a pretty gloomy picture about the future. But could this be a solution to the overcrowded planet?

Let’s explore this topic more in a future article!


Nadia’s Ultimate Rimming Guide!

rimjob guide

Anilingus is one of those sex thingies that’s constantly misjudged and despised before it’s even tried. That’s a real disgrace because it’s both fun and agreeable when performed appropriately. Simply follow this guide to learn how to give your partner some very fulfilling anilingus.

Frequently anilingus is known as rimming or tossing the salad. They all mean something very similar: Oral sex in and around the rear-end.

Oral sex is an extraordinary method to evade pregnancy. Try not to stress, however. You probably not going to get pregnant from analsex.

How To Safely Doing Rimming

Before you do analingus on your man, it’s imperative to be safe and extremely spotless. This implies that your man is:

  1. STD Free: Ensure that both you and your man get tested consistently for sexually transmitted diseases to guarantee that neither of you incidentally pass anything on to one another.
  2. Be Clean: There’s no better mood killer than giving your man anilingus just to find that he is messy back there. Ensure that he wash properly before so he is totally clean back there before endeavoring to give him a rimjob.

You might need to converse with your primary care physician about rimming and its dangers in case you’re pregnant.

Anilingus Tips

When giving your man anilingus, there are various things you can do to give him a great deal of joy (maybe even an anal climax!):

  1. Up, Down and All Around: This is by a wide margin the best method for giving your man a rimjob. To do it you need to utilize a great deal of salivation and keep your tongue free and open. You basically need to lick your man’s butt utilizing your tongue to make a round movement over his rear-end. The whole time you are doing this, your tongue will be outside his body and on his rear-end.
  2. Pokin’ In: After doing the Up, Down and All Around for a couple of minutes, it’s a great opportunity to start doing some advanced rimjob strategies like the Pokin’ In. The Pokin’ In basically means you make your tongue somewhat more pointed than normal and use it to enter his butt hole. If you want to enter him with something other than your tongue, attempt a butt plug or a strapon
  3. Kissing: You’ll find out that after a couple of minutes of giving your man a rimjob, it will begin to get tiring. To give it a rest, start utilizing your lips. Again attempt to utilize a great deal of salivation as it feels more pleasant than dry kisses.
  4. Tooth Job: Utilizing your teeth when giving your sweetheart anilingus is a great idea. When it’s done right, it feels fabulous. Keep in mind, you should not cause your man any pain, so no gnawing! Rather, you have to gradually and delicately drag your teeth over his butt. Again this is an incredible thing to utilize when your tongue gets tired. Simply remember that you should be exceptionally delicate.

Other Anilingus Tips

There are 2 other anilingus tips you can use on your man. They are not really rimjob methods as they don’t include the mouth.

  1. The Delicate Scratch: While your are utilizing your tongue on your man’s butt, you can gradually and delicately drag your hands over your man’s butt cheeks, with the goal that your nails are gradually and tenderly scratching it. This just gives a limited quantity of incitement, yet when combined with your tongue systems, it feel extremely good for him.
  2. Utilize Your Finger: Utilizing your finger to play out indistinguishable moves from your tongue is one more extraordinary method to utilize so you can rest your tongue. Fortunately, it’s likewise more pointy than your tongue, so you can stick it in his rear-end and use it to stimulate his prostate or other zones inside his butt.

In the event that you think you’re prepared for something else, you can take a stab at pegging.

Analingus Positions

There are a couple of positions that you can use to make analingus easier. These positions are structured so he spreads his bum and you have easier access to his butt hole, without feeling like you’re being choked!

  1. Doggy: This position looks like doggystyle. You simply need your man to jump on his hands and knees on the bed. To cause it significantly simpler, to get him to lie on his chest while still on his knees so he is pushing his rear end into the air. This position is the most agreeable for your man. And you could even get a chance to lick her feet!
  2. Snatch Them Ankles: Some folks will feel this one is somewhat awkward, however it tends to be pleasant when done right. Get your man to just stand up and after that make him grab his ankles. It’s fine if he’s bending his knees to make it more comfortable for him.
  3. Snatch Them Ankles (Resting): This anilingus position is fundamentally the same as the above. You man should simply to rests on his back while grabbing his lower legs. This will make it simple for you to give him a handjob while licking dat butt hole of his. 🙂



Nadia’s Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex!

Anal Sex Guide

Analsex. That discussions is somewhat of a divider. Some just want to ignore it exists or that others enjoy it, while others end up either cherishing it or abhorring it completely.

Interestingly, anal sex fills in as a threshold and basis for one’s sexual encounters. You can be as wild and brave as you can in the room. However in the event that you haven’t tried anal out, you’re not there yet. Then again, when you’ve experienced it, at that point you can see yourself as a sex expert.

For the individuals who haven’t tried it yet, it tends to be very overwhelming. What’s the point if you’re already satisfied and safe in your little vanilla sex, isn’t that so? In any case, trust me there may possibly be a pot of gold hanging tight for you. Furthermore, I do comprehend your misgivings and fears about it, and the most ideal approach is to educate yourself so the first time will be pleasant.

Communication is key!

The most important thing before trying anal is to speak with your partner. Having the option to vocalize your fears, stresses, and even desires can help a lot with making the experience progressively pleasant for the both of you.

As the receiver, you’ll should be in a nearly ideal condition of zen and quiet, particularly toward the beginning. By not having every one of your stresses and eager contemplations appropriately conveyed, you’ll end up firm and brimming with pressure. And that would just bring you more torment, and a mess of battle for your partner. Get the discussion going immediately!

Lube (The more the better)

I couldn’t stress enough how significant lube is for anal sex. Vaginal sex is not the same since ladies normally emit body liquids that give a glide. It’s an entirely different ballgame with regards to your butthole. Finding the correct lubricant to use may demonstrate to be somewhat dubious.

3. Learn to relax

So you’ve gotten passed the discussion phase and you’ve discovered your sacred oil, what’s next? It’s the ideal opportunity for you, as the beneficiary, to loosen up yourself. There’s simply no other approach to enter this zen-like state and enabling your body to simply be by relinquishing every one of your stresses, of all the strain, and of anything that may make you worry and stop. Unwinding is the best blessing you can give your partner and it’s the best and most demonstrated approach to complete things the correct way.

The Best Anal Sex Positions

To be honest with you, there’s not much difference with regards to the positions for vaginal and anal sex. It’s still about finding that triumphant position that gives you the most delight. So here are my favorite positions for anal.


The missionary position can be an ideal position for anal sex. The key thing is to prop your partners hips with a little cushion to get her at a better angle. Raising the legs or setting it on the shoulder of the partner would likewise help in smoother things over.

What’s incredible about the missionary positions is the means by which both you and your partner can without much of a stretch check each other’s movements, reactions, and sentiments.


Doggy style is the most basic anal position and the beginner choice for a great deal of couples. The control in this position totally depends on the penetrating partner. It’s significant to unwind completely in case you’re the receiver. You can never turn out badly with beginning slow to effectively check the speed and profundity that you’re both OK with.

When you get its hang, have your partner rub their clit or bosoms for more incitement. You can likewise go lower and have your chest and face spread out on the bed with your hips propped up. Once more, it’s about the position that gives you that going great mood.


A great deal of ladies prefer the rancher position because of the control it gives them. The long and short of it is to have your legs on a cushion, put them on the two sides of your partner, and have your hands on his chest for your balance. You can go here and there or front and back, even sideways or going all around. Keep in mind that this position is about you assuming responsibility for the pace and profundity. Obviously, there are different manners by which you can do this that can likewise invigorate your partner in the most ideal manner conceivable.

Reverse Cowgirl

It’s the cowgirl yet with a superior view for your partner. Men are visual creatures and seeing your behind very close would unquestionably cause them to go wild. Furthermore, you have control since you’re on top. Have a great time while you’re grinding away by putting on a show as you move your butt and curve your back. He will go wild!


Feeling apathetic or need to infuse some snuggle angle into your anal sex? Spooning is the best approach as your partner enters you from behind, keeping up a moderate and sexy pace. As the receiver, you can likewise put your leg over his to help with the connection. While you’re grinding away, you can likewise utilize a vibrator for some clitoral fun.

In the event that things get somewhat entangled and you can feel your charisma ascending with each push, at that point you might need to change and have your partner instead in front of you.



How To Choose A Male Sex Toy (Fleshlight, Sex Doll etc)

Sex Toy

Sex toys are great additions to your love life, and they can improve sexual excitement so you can encounter more amazing climaxes. Regardless of whether you need to upgrade your masturbation sessions or plan to spice up the love life with your significant other, you’ll find a large selection of male sex toys that you can buy online!

Let me help you choose!

Penis Pumps

Make your penis greater and harder and improve each sexual encounter with a penis pump! These penis enlargers are accessible in various designs. While some penis pumps have a straightforward pump and suction system to expand your penis size, different pumps have motors so you don’t need to do the pumping yourself. Some pump brands that give you the circumference and length you need are the Lasso Pump and Tempo Pump, which in my opinion are among the best male sex toys you can find on the market today!


Fleshlight is a new invention that is made to look and feel like a real vagina. They have become very popular and is sometimes better than the real thing! They come in a variety of different models and sometimes it can be difficult to choose. One of the best guides how to find the best Fleshlight is this one written by Sandra Love. She also has a useful section with the best Fleshlight reviews on the market today. I found her guide very useful when I bought a Fleshlight for my gay friend!

Sex Dolls

Sometimes also called love dolls, are not just a brilliant and successful male sex toy that you can jerk off with, but at the same time they can be used to educate you further when it comes to sex. From nurses to secretaries, sex dolls can arrive in an extensive variety of female characters that satisfy each man’s dreams.

These are just a few of the male sex toys you can find today. In a future post I will write more about other toys you can find online.

See ya!


4 Things Shoppers are looking for in an online store

Internet shopping sites known for their client centric approach keep growing every year. Soon they’re progressively surpassing physical stores. So what makes consumer loyalty on a retail internet business site? As indicated by different surveys and overviews, it’s the mix of five items.

Site Functionality: Is the Internet retail site easy to use? Do every single specialized component of the site work appropriately? Is it quick or moderate? Is it sorted out helpfully or do customers need to battle through labyrinths to discover what they’re searching for?

Stock: Is the stock engaging? Is there great assortment? Stock ought to be effectively accessible for guide shipping or for delivery to a land-based store. The site ought to likewise give data about whether the stock is accessible for quick buy in a physical store.

Cost: Do clients see the retail site’s costs to be great, reasonable, and sensibly focused with those being offered by other online retailers and furthermore physical stores?

Content: Is the data on the retail site exact? Is the substance of the site present and new? The data gave ought to in a perfect world give Internet customers all that they have to settle on a purchasing choice with no human mediation or association.

These are just the tip of the ice berg. According to the same survey customers are looking for other things as well. Let’s talk about that in our next article.


PS here are my favorite online retailers: